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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

a tweedy treat

Just finished spinning and plying this shetland fiber that I've had for... hmmm, let's see... four years?! ah, confession is good for the soul.
I still have to soak and set the twist on the darker yarn. Interestingly enough, its all the same fiber, just spun differently. All natural shetland, three different animals. The lighter yarn I had seperated the three colors, the dark yarn I just spun spun spun.
Now, the interesting part is what to knit?! I have a couple of pounds here, so lots of yardage. I had begun with a pattern in mind, but lo and behold, now that I've finished, the pattern has vanished into the mist! Must have been in one of the books we sold already. Now it will join my stash for awhile, awaiting inspiration. I hope it comes soon. this yarn is fabulously soft!
The yarn will knit up as a worsted weight, so something on size 8 to 9 needles would be dandy.. ideas anyone?

On the outside front, my garden is responding to the trials of summer. 90 degree heat on our hill finds only a few brave soldiers still standing!
Note to self - plant more dahlias and black-eyed susans next year!


At August 24, 2005 at 2:29 PM, Blogger Jane said...

Hi, Teyani -- Your garden pictures are so beautiful (as is your yarn). I still can't get over how cute those kittens are, though...


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