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Sunday, December 4, 2005

family thoughts

It was a lovely holiday here (turkey day tra-la-la!) My oldest brother Peter, came in from Los Angeles, and brought his new girlfriend - Beth, and my oldest daughter, Erin came down from Seattle. My husband, Ramdas, and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I found that I was a bit nostalgic after they all went home on sunday - and I found myself saying many silent "thank you' s" for the gifts of my family. I am the third of four children - three brothers and me :-) I have always considered myself lucky to have such a great family. Mom and Dad are in Florida - too far for a weekend visit.. but then again, maybe someday...
Here's a photo of my brother Peter and Beth: The turkey was huge and yummy - Peter brought champagne from upstate New York (where we all summer since our youth), Beth brought homemade ginger cookies, Erin brought wine and specialty beers (she turned 21 last year) .... I bought some german Stollen, and baked until I could stand no more.. and the laughter filled our home.
We ate, talked, laughed, read, went for walks, scoured local artsy stores and went to Seattle to visit my daughter at her apartment. Life should just always be this sweet!

The kittens are growing - in fact, I actually caught them on camera last weekend (no small feat!)
Here's some updates of Miss Emily and Lady Di:

Today we lumbered out in the snow that is lingering here, to gather this year's Christmas tree. It is a beauty - an 8'Noble that is currently filling our home with its amazing green smells. I think that the tree is my most favorite decoration. Pictures will follow in my next post.

My thoughts are beginning to turn towards Christmas - it must be time to start playing carols here - I wrapped a few gifts today to place under the tree.. the magic of this season is beginning once again.


At December 8, 2005 at 4:14 AM, Blogger Momo said...

you definitely have the gift of narrative, Teyani, as your description of your Thanksgiving made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I am glad you had such a nice holiday.

I love the smell of christmas trees, too. last year I had a locally grown balsam. It was so pretty. After I took it down, I harvested a bunch of needles for my friend to dry and make sachets with. I am not sure if I will be having one this year as I will spend a week in Seattle!

Your kitties are so cute!


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