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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sock Yarn Contest

Hey all you bloggie friends - The "Somethin's A-foot at Crown Mountain Farms" sock yarn contest will be ending earlier than I thought ! I will offically close the contest guessing on friday 4/28.
So get your guesses in now.

The arrival of this wonderful yarn will not take as long as we thought (and this is a good thing!)
Check my previous blog entry to read about the contest. We've received some great guesses - but don't let that deter you.. be brave.. take a guess! All the people who enter and get "close" will have their names placed in a hat to draw the winner...
The winner receives enough of this yarn to knit themselves a pair of socks.

And now for your browsing enjoyment - here's this week's photos of the critters at Crown Mountain Farms.

first up are the four month old goat babies and their mama's

Our newest goat addition, now one month old, playing with his sheepie friends

One of our original flockof Shetland's, Iris, and her two little babies

Here's five of the ten new shetland sheep - 9 of which are solid black

And last but not least, our one lone chocolate brown sheep (in this year's new additions), getting itself a tiny drink (ssshhh, don't tell him that he's not already a grown-up)

The weather has turned balmy - it was 70 degrees yesterday. I was tempted to plant some lobelia in my garden at work, yet thankfully I had no time, for the night time temperature dropped to 28 degrees. Good thing that our animals still have their fleeces. Shearing day will be the first week of May. Just wait til you see how tiny the Shetland sheep are without their fleeces -


At April 19, 2006 at 12:17 PM, Anonymous Leah said...

Awwwww! So cute.

I think I want to trade them out for my kids. Then I won't have to do homework every night!

At April 19, 2006 at 12:57 PM, Blogger Carole said...

The flock is looking so great!

At April 19, 2006 at 3:13 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Those lambs are just so cute. Altho then I have flashbacks to showing sheep in 4-H, which wasn't so fun...

At April 19, 2006 at 5:35 PM, Anonymous Becky said...

Oh Teyani! Are we keeping the lone chocolate baby sheep?????? He looks like a "Gypsy" to me!!! Now doesn't he???? GRIN

At April 20, 2006 at 5:56 AM, Blogger amanda said...

Adorable! I imagine the shetlands are pretty small sans fleece. From all my research I understand they are smaller than other breeds.

And maybe this is a lame question but what is lobelia?

At April 20, 2006 at 3:44 PM, Blogger Karen said...

You have the best job in the whole world.

At April 21, 2006 at 4:08 PM, Blogger Momo said...

Such cuties!

At April 21, 2006 at 4:32 PM, Anonymous Emily said...

I second Karen: You have the Best Job in the World.


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