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Thursday, August 25, 2005

kittie up

So, I was sleeping deeply last night, and slightly stretched my legs... I heard a soft purring by my pillow... opened my eyes and saw something like this
Now mind you, this is NOT one of my cats.. I didn't think I should climb out of bed at 2 am and get the camera! Hah!.. but it was indeed a kodak moment. The kittens have finally discovered (after only a week) that we are still in the house when the lights are off! Little Emily seems to like my pillow, and spent the night with her head about 2" from mine. Little Diana prefers the foot of the bed, shifting side to side as we move our legs.. sweet.

In another arena, speaking of fur and feathers, a friend of ours recently asked if we'd like to sell some of the yarns she carries - we agreed. here's a sample:
There are several different eyelash yarns, and also some flag yarns. I had never worked with these little furry friends, and thus was in a dilemma about WHAT to make... hmmmm... settled on a small shawl type gem. I used one skein of eyelash and one skein of flag, carried together on big needles (13) and then used the remaining yarn for fringe. The photo doesn't do it much justice, it looks better on a body than a stand - hopefully I'll convince someone to take a snap of me next time I wear it! These skeins are each about 150 yards, and sell for $7 each. Apparently they are trendsetter and prism yarns, end of the run. Quantites are unpredictable, so we haven't put them on our site.
These feathery yarns aren't truly my style - but my Mom is very Za-Za Gabor.. most likely this will be hers. It was a fast knit, used lots of double wraps so it would be airy.
Wondering what else one could do with this wild stuff?


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