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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy and Weary

We just got back from Madrona Fiber Arts Festival.
Is there a word for how wonderful it was?...... perhaps one: Wow.

More posts will follow in a few days - just as soon as my very full brain absorbs it all.

There is so much to share, I'll be doing a post on each class :-)

Okay, okay (big grins here)... if the suspense is too much, here are a couple of highlights: we played hard with friends - I got smarter (yay!) - we hired more hand spinners (double yay!) - we sold a bunch (and had lots less to schlep home) - we picked up several new product lines of goodies we think you'll love (I do) (think hand dyed sock yarn you've never seen and a new line of dyes that is amazing and some other cool stuff), we met an incredible number of wonderful spinners and knitters who shared their joy and enthusiasm for this wonderful art we do, I taught a few scazillion people to spin on turkish drop spindles.. there is just so much to tell. I promise, I will sort through all my class notes and the bits of paper that I've written incredible ideas on, and share it all with you...

Thoughts for the wise: if you can get to this fiber festival next February... do not stop, do not pass go, get on their mailing list now.

Stay tuned. Pictures and great stories - great tips to follow soon.
P>S> I'm turning off "comments" on purpose... we need a couple days to recouperate (smile)