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Monday, August 29, 2005

placemats... shawl?

Just recently finished my-very-first-all-by-myself weaving project. YEAH!
It started out with a rosepath design (enhanced by my mistakes.. oh dear I mean creativity) and has finally been done.
I had thought I was making placemats for a dear friend, but then realized part way through that I had not yet figured out how to measure the length of each mat while I was weaving.. also couldn't solve how to leave fringe in the middle of each one. Thus, the intrepid fiberwizard persevered! (translate that I just continued bravely weaving, knowing I'd figure it out when I was done!)

Voila! Here's the amazing-never-ending placemat ! Hah! Actually I was so excited that I wrapped it all around my self and giggled! And here's the closeup!

Now the next step comes - weaving in the last loose ends, and trimming the fringe. Truly I must cut this long beauty up, because the drape is not right for a shawl. Although it is hard to imagine my little gem ending up under a dinner plate! Perhaps we'll start a new fad with putting the placemats in the center of the table to admire! Ho-ho.

I was going for color and texture in this first ever weaving - and I had loads of learning opportunities (translation: many of the chenille ends broke in the warp! and had to get creative!) Picture me weaving away, with napkin rings dangling from the back of my loom for instant tension! Hey, napkin rings - placemats - works for me!


At September 1, 2005 at 8:14 PM, Blogger claudia said...

Love the colors on this. Nice job!


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